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Newnan Tour of Homes 2022


Newnan, Georgia

As described by the City of Newnan's website, "Newnan's six historic districts, all on the national register, contain some of Georgia's most beautiful homes and commercial buildings. The homes are represented by the antebellum and Victorian styles that dominated Newnan's early and mid-19th century development. Buildings that make up the Central Business District comprise several architectural styles, including Neoclassical, Italianate, Classical Revival, Romanesque, and Victorian." 

 Of the Historic College-Temple district featured in the tour, the author writes, "Even though this district was laid out in 1828, it remains an example of a well-planned neighborhood with schools, parks, tree-line streets and churches. Walkways, fences, formal gardens, and open laws with hedges accent the wide range of architectural styles in this 100 plus acre district."

You'll also be exploring homes in Featherston Heights, one of the oldest neighborhoods in Newnan, GA.  You'll appreciate the well-appointed and spacious homes as you get a very festive, personal look at "The City of Homes." 

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